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Art & Crafts
Are you good with your hands, or is it that you just have a good eye for art? Could it be sugarcraft, or needlecraft? Perhaps its collectibles or photography that interests you! Come to Rochester, where a huge range of shops can supply and feed your creative needs or your discerning eye. See Business Directory for further listings.

• Francis Iles Artworks , 104 High Street
Art Materials
  Francis Iles Artworks

• Francis Iles Galleries, 103 High Street
Cards & Gifts
  Francis Iles Galleries

• Just Perfect, 158 High Street
Dolls: Houses, Furniture & Collectibles

  Just Perfect

• Langley Galleries, 143 High Street
Picture Frames & Paintings

  Langley Galleries

• World of Difference, 70a High Street
Gifts and Collectibles
  World of Difference

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